A wreck on Point Mallard Parkway this morning claimed the life of a Somerville woman, according to Morgan County Coroner Jeff Chunn.

Ramsey Williams, 30, of Somerville, had blunt force trauma injuries and was declared dead at the scene, Chunn said. He said she was wearing a seatbelt. 

Others were injured in the wreck, according to police.

The multi-vehicle wreck, which took place about 7:15 a.m., was just north of the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge headquarters. Traffic was down to one northbound and one southbound lane. Southbound traffic was backed up to U.S. 31 at 8:30 a.m.

After previous fatal wrecks, the Alabama Department of Transportation in 2016 completed a study of Point Mallard Parkway from Country Club Road Southeast to Hickory Hill Road. A spokesman at the time said the accident history did not warrant funding for widening or other modifications, and that its location within the refuge precluded widening the highway.

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(8) comments

Leslie Templeton

We live off hwy 67 and it is very dangerous. Most the drivers are driving at least 65-70 over the 55 mph limit. Drivers treat it as if it's the interstate and it's not!!!! I pray they lower the speed limit so it will be a little safer.

Craig Stover

The speed limit in the section is almost that of the interstate. If they are going to keep it at that speed and not widen it, then I think they need to put barriers dividing the highway to prevent cars crossing over to the incoming lane.

John Bradford

3 articles in DD June 2018 where State Traffic Engineers recommending speed limit be lowered.

cindy martin

The speed limit on hwy 67 needs to be reduced. I drive to Publix from SE decatur and it scares me at how fast the cars are going. It's not safe.... Sad that a life has been taken.

concerned citizen

why is the tag number in clear view if the victim's name has not been made available? Does this mean the family has been notified and the victim's name just hasn't been made public? If not, this is insensitive and irresponsible.

Pamela Blakely

The victim was in the other car judging from the white sheet hanging in the other car.

concerned citizen

I didn't even see that. thank you for pointing it out.

Daphne Baker

she was in the other vehicle.. the small car

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