The appointment of local television station owner and broadcast personality Suzie Wiley to the Personnel Board created one last conflict Monday for the outgoing Decatur City Council in the final scheduled meeting of the term.

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Lenny Williams

It’s quite obvious what’s going on. Those with the power want more power, control and to be able to continue to run the city like a corporation instead of a municipality. The city employees are the backbone of city government and should be treated well. Let’s see: cut there raises in half, promise them COLA raises to offset the loss, increase their insurance and tell them you’re advocating for the employees. This doesn’t bode well when there’s a total about face with the employees on the short end of the stick. A background in Human Resources from a corporation isn’t working too well in the municipal setting as it seems the employees are the big losers while the city benefits. This isn’t Remington or 3M. The CFO alongside Councilman Jackson seem to be the biggest advocates for the employees on a consistent basis. However, it was good to see the Council majority stand up for the employees as a team one last time.

Ann Denbo

Congratulations Suzie and to the City if Decatur she is one of the hardest working people I know. She is smart and fair and will be a wonderful asset to the community.

Barbara Milligan

Amen, Miss Ann


“Chuck and Tab don’t like her because of some of the positions she’s taken,” Kirby said. “Tab tried to dictate some of her questions when she interviewed him this summer (for a series on municipal election candidates). He doesn’t like her because she’s a woman, and he can be very condescending toward women.” Kirby needs to grow up and refrain from making these type of comments. Oh yea, that's right he wasn't re-elected.

Barbara Milligan

Kirby is the one who is intimidated by women.....notably, Ruth.

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