With a project to improve left-turn lanes at two Beltline Road intersections in the final stages, city officials have started to focus on two other Beltline intersections that they say need minor improvements. 

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Clinton Herbert

What y'all need to do is address the complete mess of the side roads that have no business being there.They do nothing but make it dangerous for commuters. How about adding sidewalks and intersection pedestrian crossings, even elevated. I can not for the life of me understand why the Beltline was created in the way that it was. Oh wait, businesses come first in the city, citizen come last. The side roads should be completely cut off from the primary road at most intersections. Get rid of the Captain D's entry from the Beltline to make a cohesive side road. Further more, Press legislature to build ramps over major intersections to that those that need to travel stickly for business purposes toward 20 have a smooth commute. Stop thinking that business's should come first. If a business provide a quality product, people will go to it. Stop being scared of losing businesses because they don't agree with having difficulty access to their business by creating a more commuter friendly road. Please let me be the Mayor and I can solve all of the issues that we have around the city to better benefit the citizens rather than the businesses.

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