A 47-year-old man was arrested Sunday for an October sexual assault in which the victim reported being raped for an hour by an intruder in her Hartselle bedroom after being put in a headlock to silence her screams.

Jeremy Taylor, of 603 Longhorn Pass N.W. 1A, Hartselle, was charged with first-degree rape and booked into the Morgan County Jail where he was being held without bond on previous charges and $150,000 bail on the rape charge.

An affidavit filed Sunday by Hartselle police Lt. Alan W. McDearmond said the report confirming a DNA match between Taylor and evidence from a sexual assault kit was received Friday, and Taylor was arrested two days later after being stopped by a patrol officer.

In an affidavit filed Nov. 5, McDearmond said the woman finished taking a shower about 11 p.m. Oct. 7 and went to get ready for bed.

"When she entered her bedroom, she was confronted by an unknown male," the Nov. 5 affidavit said. "She began screaming, but the unknown male placed her in a headlock and told her he would put her to sleep if she wasn't quiet.

"Afterward, the unknown male raped her for approximately an hour. (She) was told to take a shower, and when she got out of the shower, she called the police."

McDearmond wrote in the Nov. 5 affidavit that a long-sleeve pullover was located in the bedroom where the assault took place, and it had a monogram of a local manufacturer on the front.

Police developed Taylor as a suspect based on information from the business and his “history of burglary,” according to the Nov. 5 affidavit, but the victim couldn’t confirm him as the suspect from initial photographs she was shown.

However, the victim later saw a post from Sept. 18, 2019, on the Hartselle Police Department's Facebook page where Taylor’s booking photo had been posted for a drug arrest, and the victim told police that photo was of the rapist, the Nov. 5 affidavit said. Police were granted a search warrant that allowed them to collect “DNA buccal swabs from Taylor,” the Nov. 5 affidavit said.

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