HARTSELLE — Hartselle has adopted an ordinance that immediately bans residents from parking trailers and oversized vehicles such as motor homes on streets and in city rights of way.

“They can do it for up to 24 hours, but after this they will be violating the law,” Mayor Randy Garrison said.

He said his office was receiving too many complaints from residents who were having problems either traveling on some of the city’s narrow streets or getting in and out of their driveways.

Council President Kenny Thompson said he was aware of a situation in which a homeowner had a double garage and driveway, but opted to park trailers and an RV on the streets for days.

“A buddy complained that he couldn’t get out of his driveway, and we had to do something,” Thompson said.

City Planner Jeremy Griffith said the ordinance is not so restrictive that it prohibits residents from having their trailers, RVs and boats parked on a city street overnight if they are preparing for a trip or outing the next day.

“They have to be attached to a vehicle,” he said.

Thompson and Griffith said most of the complaints were coming from areas of the city where townhomes are located.

In some cases, people were parking boats on the street for days, Thompson said.

Griffith said Hartselle police will enforce the ordinance, and the first step is to warn violators before giving them a ticket.

Mayor Tab Bowling said he was not aware of this being a problem in Decatur. He said most neighborhoods with homeowners associations typically prohibit residents from parking vehicles and boats on the street.

Bowling also said his office has not received any complaints from areas where there are not associations that govern parking on streets.

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