HARTSELLE — A decline in customer traffic over the years is one of the reasons Wells Fargo bank is closing its Hartselle location on Oct. 9, a company spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Roshanna Gossoff, a communication consultant, said six employees will be affected by the closure, which is the second of a Wells Fargo bank in the Decatur area in two years.

Wells Fargo closed its downtown Decatur branch on East Moulton Street in 2017.

“Anytime something closes, you hate to see it happen,” said Hartselle Mayor Randy Garrison. “This bank is part of the foundation that helped build Hartselle.”

District Manager Lee Owen informed customers about the closure in a July 5 letter. She said the closing will not affect accounts and that Wells Fargo plans to keep open branches in Decatur on the Beltline and a branch in Cullman.

Gossoff said customers with safe deposit boxes will receive another letter about how to close their boxes and move them to different locations. She said Wells Fargo’s Decatur branch has safe deposit boxes available.

Gossoff said employees at the Hartselle branch will be allowed to apply for available positions within the Wells Fargo network, and assistance will be provided for those seeking employment elsewhere.

She said Wells Fargo plans to sell the three-story building, which other than the hospital that closed a little more than a decade ago, is the tallest structure in Hartselle.

Garrison, a lifelong Hartselle resident, said a lot of the city’s elderly population resides close to the bank and he worries about the impact the closure will have on them.

“This bank is an institution in Hartselle,” he said.

The late Horace Broom was president when the facility opened on April 11, 1976, as the second branch of the Citizens Bank of Hartselle.

Exact dates were not available, but Southtrust and Wachovia owned the bank before it was acquired by Wells Fargo.

“I remember when this bank was built,” Garrison said. “I hate to see this.”

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