The Morgan County school board non-renewed the contracts of nine certified teachers at a meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The board also accepted five resignations and four retirements and approved five internal transfers of certified personnel.

The six-minute meeting was livestreamed on YouTube because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Most of the non-renewals will likely be filled later in the summer," Superintendent Bill Hopkins Jr. said. "This is the lowest number of non-renewals we've had in recent history. We've had a large number of retirements this year and that helped us keep more teachers."

The non-renewals were: Brewer High: Savannah Ball and Thomas Webb, social studies, and Eldred Pierce, science; countywide: Matthew Boston, Jennifer Helms and Katherine Woodall, special education; Eva: Erin Doss, English/language arts; Danville Middle: Matthew Smith, grades 6-8 science; and West Morgan High/West Morgan Middle: William Holladay, agriscience.

Resignations: Brewer High: Hannah Kilpatrick, science; countywide: Teresa Edwards, chorus; West Morgan Elementary: Whitney Miles, K-4; West Morgan High: Kristen Parrish, science; and West Morgan Middle: Justin Henley, grades 5-8 physical education.

Retirements: Brewer High: Rhonda Slater, chemistry; West Morgan Elementary: Natalie Malcom; West Morgan High: Diane King, computer literacy; West Morgan Middle: Kristy Black, seventh-grade math, eighth-grade science.

Transfers: Bonnie Ozbolt, K-5 instructional coach at Priceville Elementary to countywide reading coach; Jon Shannon White, special education at Priceville Junior High, to grades 7-8 special education at Priceville Junior High; Wesley Williams, health, Danville High, to Danville-Neel Elementary; Katie Sawyer, K-6 teacher at Sparkman to K-4 at Priceville Elementary; and Matthew Mooneyham, physical education at Sparkman, to physical education at Priceville Junior High.

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