Department of Early Childhood Education Secretary Jeana Ross


MONTGOMERY — A new multimedia campaign in Alabama will encourage parents to help their young children become better learners, and a website with helpful information is one component of the effort.

Dubbed “Born Ready,” the campaign led by Alabama's Department of Early Childhood Education uses brain development research and focus group data to get specific messages and information to parents. The goal, according to Gov. Kay Ivey and Early Childhood Education Secretary Jeana Ross, is to offer parents support for raising healthy, ready-to-learn kids.

According to the department, research shows that 95% of brain development occurs from birth to 5 years old, making this time critical for a child’s ability to learn. However, many parents may not know that or feel able to help their children.

“What we learned from the research was that many parents felt like they couldn’t do enough on their own, and then also might feel too ashamed to ask,” Ross said. “We want to reach those parents with a message of, ‘Yes, you can do this. You were born to raise children, and we can help.' ”

Billboards, television and radio spots, and a variety of digital advertising will direct parents to, a new website with information color-coordinated to a child’s age.

“We encourage every Alabama parent to visit the site, use its incredible resources, and take the Born Ready Parent Pledge to show their commitment to helping their children learn and grow as they prepare for school,” Ivey said.

The initiative is made possible through a $10.6 million Preschool Development B-5 (birth through 5) Grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“Born Ready’s goals are to inspire and empower every parent, and to ensure every child reaches their greatest potential,” Ross said.

The department has contracted with Telegraph Creative, led by YellowHammer News founder and former CEO Cliff Sims, to design and implement the campaign. In June, Ross told that Telegraph was the only company that met the criteria for the $999,000 contract and that the campaign would be “something the state can be proud of.”

The result is a campaign full of messages intended to reach a diverse range of parents.

“Our website,, is a game-changing resource for Alabama families. It will provide the resources needed to build successful and contributing citizens for the future,” Ross said.
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