These are some of the things I ask from presidential and congressional candidates:

• Develop a plan to balance the budget.

• Plan to accelerate filling vacant judgeships with constitutionalist judges.

• Demand Congress develop and pass the federal budget and spending bills in good order before Oct 1. Continuing resolutions are a sign of failure.

• Stop the attacks on the Second Amendment and make concealed carry reciprocity nationwide.

• Make tax cuts permanent.

• Increase the federal minimum wage 20% to $8.70 per hour.

• Support tough trade negotiations and tariffs in dealing with China

• Address entitlements to reduce welfare and add work requirements.

• Accelerate securing the southern border. Support ICE and Border Patrol agents in doing their tough job.

• Restrict or deny federal payments to “sanctuary cities.”

• Support the DOJ in reigning in rogue California regulations on vehicle emissions, mileage requirements, cap and trade markets and other California plans that try to impose their regulations on the nation.

• Enhance competition in health care choices, eliminating state-to-state restrictions. Eliminate mandatory coverage items. Put patients in charge of their health care choices.

Frank Janecek

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Frank Janecek

Good list to bring to the candidates and see what they have developed in their campaigns. Are they supporting common sense solutions or just more government giveaways?

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