Anybody who can't see what is going on is not paying attention.

We're being set up. President Donald Trump is not stepping down. We're not having fair elections in November.

Mark my words. I know I'm right. Having left an authoritarian regime in the 1960s, I'm seeing one developing right here.

Even the protests are being hijacked. They will be used as the excuse for martial law. Mark my words.

Armando de Quesada


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Frank Janecek

Armando, I like your ideas. The radicals in our society are hijacking it. They are fomenting violence and leading the people in revolt and the media is complicit. They are disregarding all the good work the police do and instead focus attention on one bad policeman. I say punish the bad actors, not the good. Do you want to live in a country without laws? Not i, I love the laws that provide order and civil society. I don't have to worry about car jackings, muggings, robbery, home invasion, shop lifting, thefts because we have laws and police to enforce the laws. If you have a problem with the law get it changed. Don't destroy our system of government because of one bad actor. We are not going to have a tyrannical government. if you want a tyrannical government vote Democrat. Then we can have the crime that infests big cities like Chicago. Our current sheriff is doing a good job in the county. We need to keep him. He is one who keeps us safe. Let us support our local sheriff.

Tom McCutcheon

If Fidel Castro were 25 years old and in the United States he’d be in Seattle, Washington tonight. They ain’t freedom fighters Armando. You have been fooled if you think otherwise.

You do remember Castro, don’t you?

Armando de Quesada

I agree with you. These ain't freedom fighters. They😎, too, are being misled. However, policing needs reforms, in a bad way.

Armando de Quesada

I totally agree with you. We've been building and perfecting a system here, that had roots in freedom, and the rights of the individuals. I also agree we finally have a real sheriff. It's not a Democratic or Republicans issue; it's an Americans issue. It's about the Constitution.

Susan Holladay

Yes. You got that right.

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