If the goal of defunding police departments is to reduce police encounters that end in needless killings, we need to do two things.

First, we need a trial run of the concept of a reduced police force. So let’s give all the police a two- to three-week vacation. When the 911 calls come in, the operator can tell the caller no police are on duty. Handle it themselves. 

Second, we need to repeal all the laws that have led to killings. Let us start with the most recent example. Eliminate the law against passing counterfeit currency because we know how that ends up. Eliminate strong-arm theft, selling single cigarettes, panhandling, jaywalking, petty larceny, car theft, vandalism, rioting, littering, buying drugs without a prescription and all sex crimes. Also, eliminate all speed limits and traffic violations since these are common violations that result in a confrontation with police.

Without the laws that dictate a civil society we can expect anarchy to ensue.

Do we really want a society without laws or police? Is anarchy a viable solution? The 1700s and 1800s were all about a wild West and lawless land. If this is what the people want, give it a go on a trial basis. See how it works out before defunding police departments for good.

Frank Janecek


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Frank Janecek

If you want to see what has happened throughout the land check out this link. Things are bad.


J. T.

This person is trying to use hyperbolic strawman logical fallacies for some reason. Defunding police does not mean disbanding, and I think he knows that, but is trying to conflate the two so that others who do not know it also think that. Defunding means less money so fewer neat toys like armored vehicles, brand new SWAT team gear that is just begging to be used for little to no reason, the end of militarization, and hopefully fewer deaths.

To reiterate, defunding does NOT mean disbanding. How disingenuous, Frank.

Frank Janecek

J.T. where do you get your definition of defunding? Each city will do what they want. I can't imagine anyone protesting for the meager cuts you are citing. Real defunding is being demanded by protestors in Seattle who have seized a 6 block area of the downtown. Declared an autonomous zone separate from the USA, established road blocks restricting entry and exit and will not leave until all the Seattle police are fired. They want all jailed rioters and other prisoners released and a number of other demands fulfilled. So in the case of Seattle Washington defunding does mean disbanding the police. I am not disingenuous but describing what the protestors in some places are demanding. Do you support the protestor actions in Seattle?

How about actions and proposals by the mayor of NYC and legislators in New York state? There actions are so punitive to the police that the leadership of all the police benevolent organizations (unions) in the city held a press conference denouncing what was happening. Things are bad in NYC and horrible in Seattle. And, you down play what is happening. The proposals by BLM and other protest groups are serious threats to law and order and civil society as we know it. You can not down play what is happening and the proposals being made. These groups do not want the minor actions you cite. They want a total overthrow and firing of the police in our cities. There is a serious revolt in progress and you think I am disingenuous. It is time you looked in a mirror.

joseph walker

Bravo Frank, your points are well taken. I believe that the main issue that the protesters and news media are intentionally missing is that none I repeat none of these police/criminal deaths happen in a vaccum. The people that died were not just innocent folks walking down the street minding their own business, they were criminals. Most if not all had criminal records. These were CRIMINALS and were breaking the law. Hint, if you don't want to come in to contact with police then don't break the law. It is really a simple concept. Take away police and you will see it will be the "purge" in real life. Obey the law and live a relatively peaceful life. Break the law and resist arrest and bad things happen. Your choice

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