Can someone please explain to me why the U.S.-Canadian border has just now opened up and the only way to get across is with proof of the vaccine? And we have had hundreds of thousands of people that have crossed our border to the south with COVID, cocaine, meth, fentanyl and who knows what else.

Also, how can people walk to our southern border and the distance is like walking from Atlanta to L.A. with no bathrooms, no water, no food, and no change of clothes? Please also tell me where all of the money comes from to pay the cartel? Who bought the Biden shirts?

Can someone else tell me what VP Kamala Harris has been doing for the past seven months? Is she not supposed to be in charge of the border? I sure would not like to get on a plane when President Joe Biden told a man in a uniform, you are in charge of flying this plane.

The President states that the last eight months are the strongest job growth in history. Good grief, we were shut down for months, so what does he expect?

The infrastructure bill is a joke. It is 2,700 pages. What! Do you people that support this know what is in it? Do not look for any potholes to be filled in Morgan County.

I also find it odd that Mr. Biden asked OPEC to pump more oil. Mr. Donald Trump had this country energy independent. And at the direction of someone in D.C., Mr. Biden shut some of it down.

Robert Bryant


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Sam Cat

I can explain . . . Biden and his Democrat minions.

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