How do you know when a politician is lying? Answer: when his lips are moving. It’s an old joke, but it fits the Biden administration.

Is America a Christian nation? Should it be? What does it even mean for a country to be a Christian nation, or a nation of any other religion? These were among the questions Pastor Jim Eaton of Mosaic Church in Frederick, Maryland, and I discussed for the National Day of Dialogue.

Pope Francis seems like a decent man whose humility and enlightened thinking sometimes put him at odds with more traditional segments of the Catholic Church. But good for him. I’ll like him even more when he raises women to equal status in the church, which they’ll never have until they can …

For the third straight day last week, the Chicago Teachers Union canceled classes, choosing to return to virtual learning and citing dangers from the omicron variant as their excuse.

Hypocrisy and lies from politicians are so rampant in Washington that hardly anyone pays them much attention anymore. Perhaps that is why our cynicism about so many things political deepens and distrust of our institutions is pervasive.

President Joe Biden was addressing America from the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall on Thursday morning, at a lectern bearing the presidential seal that had been precisely placed in the center of this historic chamber for what would be a most un-festive commemorative ceremony.

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The Washington Post on “Martin Luther King, Jr. did not give up. Those fighting for democracy must follow his example”:

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