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Melba Clark

Anytime the weather is, for a season, cooler, dryer, or less active than normal and the climate change deniers offer it as proof against global warming theories you rightly point out that short term variation does not validate long term trends.

Then you do the same thing when a month or season is hotter, wetter, or more active than normal. SMH.

Yes, those who deny that any human activity affects the climate are wrong.

So are those alarmists, mostly politicians with a political purpose behind what they say (knowing it is grossly exaggerated) or their followers who have been frightened into becoming zealots for their political goals, who exaggerate the effect of human activity on climate change and say we're all gonna' die by 2021 if we don't pass their proposed law NOW.

Chuck Johns

Only a looney-tune believes in man-made global warming. I suppose they'll drown during the next ice age.

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