The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday proposed allowing Americans to buy hearing aids without a prescription. This long-overdue step promises to make hearing aids more accessible to millions of people who could benefit from them by eliminating an unnecessary regulatory barrier.

Just as President Joe Biden is overstepping his bounds with his attempt to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations not just for government employees but for large private employers as well, Alabama state lawmakers are overstepping their rightful authority in the opposite direction, seeking to tell pri…

Commercial truck drivers are almost always in demand, but they’re especially in demand now as the nation deals with supply-chain disruptions that are leaving some store shelves bare and have retailers wondering what they’ll have to sell for Christmas — and if they’ll have enough of it.

The Los Angeles Times on the danger of turning the debt limit into political theater:

In a 1963 episode of “The Twilight Zone,” William Shatner had a nightmare at 20,000 feet. On a clear October day 58 years later, in the skies above West Texas, he was living the dream above 328,000 feet — the recognized point at which space begins.

Anonymity is like fire: an indispensable tool with the potential for disaster. And nowhere is that more glaring than among the ones and zeroes of the internet, where everything seems to be one thing or the other with little room in between.

Abreast cancer diagnosis doesn’t affect just the patient. It causes sorrow and fear for all the people who know the mother, grandmother, sister or wife confronting the disease.

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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Colin Powell's efforts to build bridges, steer GOP from extremism:

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