The Minneapolis Star-Tribune on a recent judicial decision expanding courtroom access in the George Floyd case:

The tragic story of the death of Kay Letson Stevens, who a jury ruled Wednesday was killed by her ex-husband Roger Stevens the day after their divorce was finalized, is a wake-up call for anyone who fails to take domestic abuse seriously.

The news this week that a second vaccine shows promise at preventing COVID-19 is preliminary, but it gives reason to hope that the scourge of COVID-19 will soon be behind us.

There is no longer any doubt: Alabama, the United States and pretty much the entire world are now in the middle of the second wave of COVID-19, just as health experts feared.

Former Vice President Joe Biden ran a campaign based on bridging the nation’s political rifts and working across party lines. The Democratic Party’s nominee for president of the United States made such an issue of finding common ground, when possible, with Republicans that he upset a lot of …

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I watched the vice presidential debate. Much better than the first presidential debate, which was a knockout with no survivors as the cartoon …

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Kingsport (Tennessee) Times-News on trusting the science behind new vaccines:

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