The Dallas Morning News on widespread power outages in Texas brought on by recent winter weather:

The Alabama Legislature continues its schizophrenic approach to criminal justice, working toward needed reforms on the one hand while falling back on failed “tough on crime” polices on the other.

Former President Donald Trump never tired of trumpeting his experience as a businessman and a negotiator — and he thought he knew better than everyone else about every arm of the federal government he encountered.

The Dothan Eagle on U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby not seeking seventh term in office:

The transition to a greener economy, less reliant on fossil fuels, will not come easily. It’s not as simple as passing some huge “Green New Deal.” It will come in fits and starts, because it is mostly about making the small things people do every day less destructive to the environment.

The Alabama Legislature officially convened for the 2021 regular session last week. The start of a new session is a great time to remind citizens of the importance of being involved in the legislative process. But this year, that involvement will be more challenging for the public.

The Miami Herald on the deaths of two FBI agents while serving a warrant in a child pornography case:

Gov. Kay Ivey is moving ahead unilaterally with her plan to lease two mega-prisons to house the state’s inmate population, and it seems no one outside her administration is happy about it.

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