The Class of 2020 faces a unique challenge. Having graduated from high schools hopefully with an education that makes them “college or career ready” — to quote the stated mission of Alabama’s public schools — members of the Class of 2020 find that colleges and careers may not be ready for them.

The Times-News on Gov. Kay Ivey’s decision to allow some team athletic activities to resume:

The caps and gowns that most Alabamians thought would stay in closets until at least July, if not October, because of the coronavirus pandemic have paraded across football fields from Falkville to Ardmore in the past 10 days as public high schools in Lawrence, Morgan and Limestone counties h…

The Washington Post on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' plan on governing how schools and colleges handle sexual harassment and assault accusations:

It appears this week that the Decatur City Council will hit the reset button on its search for a new director of the city’s Youth Services department, and how that process plays out could have ramifications as the city seeks to fill other crucial positions.

As the new coronavirus has spread, Americans and indeed people across the globe have risen to the challenge, volunteering to make masks, hand sanitizer, meals — whatever others, especially those on the front lines of fighting the global pandemic, need.

Like the abortion issue, how and when to reopen the nation’s economy seems driven by a few loud voices at each extreme, while most people occupy the middle ground. It’s not an either/or issue calling for a one-size-fits-all solution.

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