The race between incumbent U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, a Democrat from Birmingham, and his Republican challenger, former college football coach Tommy Tuberville, recently of Florida, presents a stark contrast.

On the one hand, we cannot fathom why Tuberville wants the job. What is his agenda? What does he want to do? What does he want to accomplish for the people of Alabama?

All that’s certain is Tuberville is a “conservative,” a term of increasingly fluid meaning, and that he will back President Donald Trump, whom he once said was sent by God. But what if Trump is not reelected? Or, what if he is? Trump’s second term would end in four years, while Tuberville would still have two years remaining in his first term. It is simply not enough to go to Washington to rubber-stamp the president, whoever that president is.

And what if President Trump’s policies have a negative impact on Alabamians? That has been the case with his trade policies, which harmed Alabama farmers and led to a taxpayer bailout of the nation’s agriculture industry.

Sen. Jones has opposed the president’s destructive tariff policy.

What Alabama needs are representatives who can think for themselves. Jones has been that and promises to be that in the future. Yes, he has indeed sided with his party’s leadership when he thought they were right, but he has also bucked them. The notion Jones is some far-left liberal simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

While Jones has been in the Senate minority his entire time in office, he has worked across party lines to sponsor and co-sponsor numerous bills that have been signed into law.

The laws will have a direct impact on public health and the well-being of the nation’s veterans.

In addition, Jones was the author of the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act, which will hopefully help bring to justice some of the people who committed acts of terrorism against their fellow Americans simply because of the color of their skin.

As a prosecutor of civil rights cases and now as a U.S. senator, Jones has shown both a passion for justice and a sensitivity to the victims of injustice.

Jones has proved he is a sensible centrist. He has even supported sensible deregulation as a co-sponsor of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act.

Regardless of which party controls the U.S. Senate when it convenes next year, Jones has a record that shows he can effectively represent the interests of his constituents.

Tuberville’s record — albeit a record outside of politics — shows the opposite. He has shown a willingness to skip out on his obligations to move on to the next thing, and a larger paycheck.

For all of these reasons, The Decatur Daily recommends returning Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate.

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(22) comments

Jane Knight

It is interesting that Doug Jones somehow came up with the Decatur Daily's subscribe list!

jAMES burnside

The Daily has its right as everyone else to endose a canadite and they made the right choise in Doug Jones in my opin

Jane Knight

Anticipating that the liberal Decatur Daily will endorce Biden/Harris ticket, I make a recommendation on a book by a five time New York Times best selling

investigative reporter, Peter Schweizer. This book is entitled "Profiles in Corruption". This book has a bibliography with 154 cites supporting his claims that Kamaala Harris served (disserved) corruptly as San Francisco as District Attorney and California Attorney General and 218 cites how the Biden family got rich in improper dealings with foreign governments and domestic alliances. Amazon can deliver this book in time for reading before election day.

Janis England

Nice, how about all the books about Trump? Not, the Art of the Deal, which even the author says was Trumps "blowing his own horn" on himself, and wasn't based on reality.

joseph walker

Shocked that the Decatur "Democrat" endorsed liberal democrat Senator Jones. Jones does not stand with the majority of Alabama voters. I don't agree with Trump on some issues but he has done a good job on the economy, pre covid, and I wish he would stay off twitter. But for you to endorse Jones, what are your reasons. Not the vague statements that you made in your pitiful article. Your editorials are a perfect example of why print media is dying, your elitist attitude and opinions do not match your readers.

scott smith

Anyone that votes for Doug Jones is as guilty for murdering innocent babies that get aborted, thank about it what if that would of been you aborted, the only choice a woman has with her body is don't do the things that causes a child to be conceived.

Janis England

Ah, men are directly instrumental in the conception of any child. I don't see any regulations on men regarding their practicing any type of birth control.......

Sam Cat

Doug Jones is a puppet

Janis England

Nope, he's not.

roger vinson

What about the BABIES being murdered?

Janis England

What about the men who rape women? What about the men who don't practice "safe sex" or use any form of birth control? What about the MEN who keep demonizing women regarding unwanted pregnancies?

Chuck Johns

Doug Jones was briefed before he was sworn in, that he would do EXACTLY as Schumer and Pelosi told him to do. And he has faithfully obeyed his party elders. Tommy Tuberville may not be the ideal man for the job, but Doug Jones most certainly is not.

Janis England

Ah, you just said exactly what will happen with Tuberville. He'll do exactly what McConnell tells him to do, regardless of Trump, actually.

Steve Armstrong

Watching the voice vote on Trump's impeachment and seeing Jones slink up to the podium to vote in favor of it with a whisper rather than a strong vocal YES showed me he was not representing his constituents. He was a coward at that moment, not the kind of leader this state needs in Washington.

Janis England

You know, I viewed Doug Jonesvoice vote, also. But, that wasn't my perception.

Frances Elam

Every time elections roll around the good ole DD has to give their choice and backing of who the only person fit for the position should be. It's funny DD, you guys have not once backed my choices which makes me think I am right in who I vote for. The DD wants to make the public, who actually try read this newspaper for local news, think they speak for the masses just like all the "professional athletes and actors". In actuality the DD is irrelevant just like the other non-contributing society members who live in a bubble making millions off the majority of hard working americans that built this country.

Mike Ja

No, Doug Jones does not represent his constituency. It is great that he is worked by with civil rights. That’s actually a no brainer. He is obviously an anti-Trump Democrat. This makes him popular to some people. Just because the editors at the Daily agree with him doesn’t make him the right choice. Tommy Tuberville being the wrong Republican doesn’t make Doug Jones the right choice either. Doug Jones has not once held up to his promise to vote against his party and for his constituency. He has lied to Alabamians and pushed his parties’ agenda regardless of what his constituency has desired. Jeff Sessions deserved his seat back but that didn’t happen because he followed the letter of the law and fulfilled his obligations which made him unpopular among Trump supporters who couldn’t separate supporting the President and abusing a position. Jeff Sessions refused to abuse his position and has been vilified for it. That still doesn’t make Doug Jones right for the job. I’ll suffer through four years of Tubervlle instead. At least he’ll listen to Alabamians instead of Pelosians.

Gladys Clemons

I thought Jeff Sessions was the best man for the job and I agreed with his political decisions, mostly.

Janis England

I did too. I wasn't aware of all the chicanery going on in the background. NOR, was I aware he was a racist.

Janis England

Tuberville isn't listening to Alabamians NOW. He holds rallies in FLORIDA for money to support his campaign for the AL Senate Seat in Congress. Good Grief! Oh, and as far as Jeff Sessions goes...good riddance. Hypocrite.

Charlie Specoli

Has the DAILY ever considered a modification to a name change? Like the Decatur Daily Democrat?

N eil Carter

Exactly. "Independent Voice of the Tennessee Valley" is a joke. "Leftist Voice" is more like it. So glad no one pays any attention to your editorials.

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