Last week President Joe Biden finally announced his college loan forgiveness plan.

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Sam Cat

The end goal here for Biden and the Democrats is Votes!! Nothing else. I hope it backfires as this legislation does not sit favorably on both sides with those who paid their loans back as required. I hope this sways some middle of the road Democrats to test the waters of the other side this fall.

Chuck Johns

Simple fact: whatever the government does (at every level) is to benefit the government, not the citizens. Biden just did a favor for people he wants votes from. This will fix NONE of the problems.

Clinton Herbert

I agree. So much more needs to be done than just giving people money. We can lower the interest rates of students loans to help paying back less of a burdon. We can lower the amount of loans given out in a single term to help stiffen tuition rate hikes. We can mandate that borrowers pay back interest as it incurs each month, and if they do not pay the interest each month, they will no longer get a new loan until the interest is paid in full, up to date. How are solutions hard to come up with for politicians that have human resources readily available at any given time. Who is paying all the money to the politicians to keep from doing all they can to rein in the over reaching university and colleges in our states that make education that our society tells us to get out of reach in affordability?

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