If the polls are to be believed, President Donald Trump faces an uphill battle getting to the number of Electoral College votes he needs to win reelection. But nine of those votes are not in doubt: Alabama’s.

Alabama has from the start given Trump some of his highest approval ratings. When it came down to a fight between Trump and Alabama’s own longtime former senator, Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republicans picked Trump over Sessions.

Nevertheless, we believe Trump’s presidency has been, on balance, bad for the country and bad for Alabama.

The case against President Trump is clear; he is the one who made it. He entered office claiming the nation was gripped in “American carnage,” even though violent crime was near historic lows. During the past four years, violent crime and social unrest have gotten worse. He promised to get tough on trade and to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement. But his NAFTA replacement is virtually identical, and the U.S. trade deficit in goods has never been higher, reaching a record $83.9 billion in August. Meanwhile, Trump’s tariffs have cost American business $46 billion, according to a Reuters news agency analysis of Commerce Department data, and led to taxpayer bailouts of U.S. farmers totaling roughly $28 billion. In his quest to make America “great again,” Trump has belittled our allies abroad and cozied up to dictators and murderers.

Trump promised to reduce the budget deficit, but under Trump it climbed to more than $1 trillion last year, before the COVID-related spending started, and despite Trump having inherited a growing economy from President Barack Obama. But perhaps most importantly, Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” Yet few administrations have been so mired in scandal as Trump’s. To date, eight people associated with his administration or campaign have been arrested or convicted of various crimes.

None of this even takes into account the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. On this score, Trump gets perhaps too much of the blame. In our system, governors and local officials have most of the responsibility for dealing with public health. Yet it is clear the president has made a bad situation worse by failing to take it seriously from Day 1.

For all this, what do we have? We have a country that hasn’t been so divided, so eager to rip itself apart over political disagreements since the Vietnam era.

That is where Trump’s Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, has his greatest advantage: Unlike Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton four years ago, and unlike too many politicians who benefit from the increasing Team Red/Team Blue tribalization of our politics, Biden wants to bring the country together.

In a career that goes back to the 1970s, Biden has shown a willingness, even eagerness to work across party lines and make the compromises necessary to get things done for the nation’s benefit. Ironically, this has mostly irritated his own party’s left wing, something he has done his entire career, which is why it’s absurd now to cast him as some sort of left winger.

“Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?” Biden once asked. As Biden might say, “Come on, man.”

A vote for Biden is a vote for a return to normality and the first step in rebuilding trust in the nation’s institutions. And every one of those votes, even in Alabama, can contribute to what hopefully will be a mandate not for something vague like “change” or “Make America Great Again,” but for something concrete: a return to the rule of law that Trump has flouted at every opportunity.

There is a reason our allies overseas prefer Biden while our enemies prefer Trump, and it’s not that Trump is an enemy agent or other fantasy out of a conspiracy theory. It’s simply that Trump is an agent of chaos, and our enemies prefer us to be mired in chaos. Four more years of Trump means four more years of chaos.

A vote for Biden is a vote to make politics boring again. Who can argue against that?

The Daily recommends Joe Biden for president of the United States.

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(16) comments

Frank Janecek

If the Decatur Daily endorses Biden do they also endorse his policies on energy that will bring back $4 to $5 a gallon gasoline, restrict gun ownership to include confiscation, green new deal (a disaster in the making ), violence in the cities and ANTIFA is only an idea (ask those dead and business owners burned out at the hands of ANTIFA), tax increases - directly or indirectly, Trade (roll back America first policies and let our foreign competitors walk all over us, increasing the cost of all goods.), Environment (supports Green New Deal which Kamala Harris endorsed will attempt to transform the country but will bankrupt us for no reason and with no environmental result.) Energy policy (wants to be carbon free by 2035 or 2040) The cost are incredible. Eliminate fracking, natural gas, oil exploration and development, nuclear and go to renewables which are unreliable. Gasoline went from $4 a gallon under Obama to $2 a gallon under Trump. Biden will take us to $5 a gallon. His plan for higher gas prices are Totally unacceptable. Education (supports the 1619 project and ignores the greatness of our country. The result is a dumber country) Right to work (pushes forced unionization for businesses and manufacturing. Will end right to work in states that let workers decide) Religion (says he is Catholic but does not adhere to any of it's tenets. Actively pushes anti-church activities, and abortion)

Frank Janecek

So editor what is the basis for your decision to endorse Biden given he has been in China's pocket and enriched himself and family from the government dole. Trump has worked hard for his money. What businesses has Biden started, risked his own reputation and fortune to make great and how did Biden become a multi-millionaire with multiple homes on a senator and vice presidents salary? His policy proposals will continue to adversely impact the poorest among us while he and family enjoy the benefits of being rich at our expense.

Frank Janecek

The Decatur Daily limits me to 350 words. Why can't their editorials and endorsements follow the same guideline?

Frank Janecek

You say: "America needs a leader who is capable of bipartisanship and compromise, and who respects the country's constitutional institutions." This implies that Trump has violated the constitution on more than one occasion. Please point out the articles of the constitution that Trump has violated. He is following the constitution religiously. Nominating a supreme court justice is required by the constitution. You hear the left continuously saying he is violating the constitution but he is not being impeached and only a few of his actions have been rejected by the Supreme Court. When have Pelosi and Schumer attempted to work across the isle to solve America's problems. It they had we would have a new Covid relief bill and many other problems solved.

t h

And I just signed up for 6 months for 6 bucks. At least the print media has lost a ton of business and glamour. Are u going to let a editor of a newspaper influence your vote. If so do you need to be voting.

joseph walker

Three things you can count on. The sun will rise, you will die and the Daily will endorse a liberal democrat candidate.

Tom McCutcheon

No surprise you’d endorse the senile”big guy.”

Sam Cat

We all knew this months ago

Susan Holladay

So nice to see the Decatur Daily keeps true to form with going wirh endorsing Doug Jones and Joe Biden. No mention of how Mr. Biden and his son have ties to Ukraine and China. Just looking in today's paper. Just at a glance 6 negative anti Trump articles. Just 2 and thats 2 more than usual pro Trump. Well you never did say you were fair and balanced. Typical Liberal hack paper.

Marion Scott

Joe Biden for President. You have got to be kidding.

Pearl VFR

DD still on the DNC plantation

jAMES burnside

Another good endorsement , ,good journalism,knows the need of our country go DD


I'm shocked....not. hahahahaha

Chuck Johns

Of course, you do !!

Frances Elam

Here we go again, the great DD endorsement. Always believing what Big Brother main stream media says is gospel and endorsing false claims so you can publish the same. The DD must really think Alabamians are inept. It will be a good day for people who try to read the DD know that you as an opinion writer have left this state and moved to the west coast where you actually belong.

N eil Carter

So thankful that no one pays any attention to your far left endorsements. Just read it for the entertainment and to see just how stupid your comments are.

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