We've had Morgan County judges who did not follow the rules themselves.

Still later, we had a judge violate every law in Alabama to marry two people of the same sex, doing it to "uphold the law." By violating it.

We have had two sheriffs taking prisoner food money for themselves.

We have two judges retiring who accepted lies in their court to damage me, apparently because I point out these things. That these things are true seems to be irrelevant to them. They are being replaced by two judges who came from the same pond as those leaving.

We had an interesting election though. Everything said by one candidate about the other was true, yet he lost. He lost because he he let his sponsoring special interest group get on TV and boast of their power. They wasted their money for their own stupidity. The people of Alabama are highly suspicious of special interest groups.

Another race, a kindly old lady stomped on her opponent. He said the minute he took office he was going to push through a gambling bill. The people of Alabama have strong reservations about the benefits of gambling. Alabama does not like politicians stuffing their pockets, and they are suspicious of back room deals and secret agendas.

We need to drain the swamp, and the swamp is the political system that produces these kinds of candidates. How do we drain that?

Charles F. Polk


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Frank Janecek

To drain the swamp we need a fair unbiassed press that reports facts, not opinion. The Decatur Daily could be that force for good if they followed that ideal. Unfortunately they succumb to partisan politics and petty grievances that lose readers and prevent honest reporting. Look at who the Daily endorsed during the last election and their stated reasons. None of the reasons were based on honesty, truth and moral turpitude. Rather they were political. An honest press is the only hope we have drain the swamp. That could be the Decatur Daily if they are up to the task.

Frances Elam


Pamela Blakely

So you think tRump is honest and full of moral turpitude? Gimme a break

Frances Elam

I do not see where Trump was mentioned in the article or the posting. Why do you "assume" it is about Trump, hatred. You must work for the Daily.

John Green

Take away their power & money. You cant, so you can not drain it. If politicians & judges have been corrupt all throughout history, why would it change. The swamp will overpower those trying to stop it. Even a person with good intentions becomes corrupt in politics. It's human nature from the beginning of mankind.

Frances Elam


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