Street lines faded, vine obscuring stop sign

The street lines in the turn lane at Walmart on Spring Avenue Southwest need renewing. The lines are worn and almost gone. I’ve observed several “almost” accidents when drivers take the center turn lane. This is especially bad when it’s raining.

There are vines growing around a speed limit sign on Spring Avenue, south of Carridale Road in the turn. The vines extend beyond the curb, forcing folks to swing wide in the curve. I almost got hit there myself.

There is a hole in the center of 19th Avenue Southwest just north of Westmead Street at the drainage ditch. The hole has been patched before but had dropped again due to leakage at the ditch. The fix will take more than filling the hole again, I suspect.

The south side of the railroad overpass on 14th Street has dead tree stubs still there. I asked the Street Department two years ago to mow and clean up the south side of 14th. They mowed a part of the ditch on the first pass but left the trees at the top of the overpass. Later, they sprayed the trees and killed the trees. The stumps are still there making an eyesore for folks. Would sure like to see this cleaned up.

R.B. Pitts


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