How can Antifa continue to exist in our country? They are exactly like the Nazi Blackshirts who physically beat up and intimidated any dissent in Nazi Germany.

The say they are anti-fascist, but in reality they are totally fascist in their actions. Their latest criminal action was beating up a reporter, Andy Ngo, in Portland Oregon, demonstrating their criminality. Why didn't the police intervene to protect Ngo?

Why does the Democratic Party support this group of lawless individuals? Could it be because they want to silence all who oppose them? Antifa members are lawless terrorists and should be labeled as such by the FBI. Jail all who ascribe to their lawless and terrorist actions.

The people of the USA should not be subjected to this criminal element. If they come to Alabama, the police will be waiting.

Frank Janecek

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jack winton

But I bet your cool with the proud boys and the klan

Sam Cat

There should be an uprising against Antifa. The law abiding public should simply listen and observe Anitfa protests and let them exercise their freedom of "whatever". But the second they cross the line are start assaulting people, the public should jump in and defend those who are being assaulted. If enough citizens with a backbone would "push back" in excessive numbers, the Antifa crowds would quickly diminish.

Frank Janecek

All the major news networks, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, CBS should denounce the actions of ANTIFA. They breakup legitimate rallies for the sole purpose of intimidation . They are a scourge that must be disowned by all civilized people of our country.

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