Congratulations to our new Decatur council on a great start. Learning the logistics of how the city operates and juggling careers and family are certainly difficult, and they are to be commended for their sacrifice and commitment to serve our city.

I encourage each of them to set vision and review policies in lieu of getting into the day-to-day operations of the city and “managing” department heads. This is the job of the CEO — the mayor in our present form of government.

Department heads and the mayor are being paid to run the city. As council persons, most of you have full-time careers and families as well as dealing with the 24-7 concerns of your constituents.

Set vision, have faith in tomorrow for our city and encourage those who are elected or employed to run the city to do just that. If they do not or are unable to do so, we need to make appropriate changes.

William Fite


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Frank Janecek

This letter has the correct sentiment. We have paid city managers to make the day to day operations work properly. The council needs to set the vision for tomorrow, where do we grow, how do we look as a city, what businesses can we entice to come here, what can we do to make the city a more inviting place for residents and visitors. Council needs to focus on the big picture and let the day to day operations get handled by those paid to do so. If they fail bring it up on a by exception basis.

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