DU workers came through for community

Car wrecks, ice storms, squirrels, tree growth, equipment failures ... many things can interrupt your electric service unexpectedly. When that happens, restoring power efficiently and safely is one of the core tasks that the employees of Decatur Utilities’ electric system take great pride in accomplishing.

On June 12, when Decatur suffered the results of microburst thunderstorms that really packed a punch, DU’s linemen, dispatchers, engineers, and leadership team were given another opportunity to demonstrate their value to the community. They came through in a BIG way. The brief, 20-minute storm packed strong winds and rain that caused widespread tree damage, and ultimately brought down power lines in multiple locations across the city. Many homeowners suffered significant damage to their homes and property. Restoring power is a critical step in the cleanup and repair process.

There are too many employees to name, but I am extremely proud of the job performed by DU’s team throughout that weekend. Of course, it starts and ends with our linemen. They are on the front lines replacing poles, hanging new power lines, and getting the lights back on. Each of them deserves the proper recognition for working through the night and weekend to restore power.

However, there is also a small army of support personnel operating behind the scenes to make sure line crews have the outage information, supplies, and equipment needed to get the job done. In addition, we received outstanding support from local contractors, the Decatur Police Department, Decatur Fire & Rescue, neighboring electric utilities and many others.

At DU, providing safe, reliable utility service is a team effort, but it’s not just demonstrated during the big storms. These local heroes take pride in restoring service wherever it has been interrupted, every day of the year — and at any time of the day or night. Please join me in thanking them for their service to our community.

Ray Hardin

General Manager, Decatur Utilities

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(2) comments

Sam Cat

Heck yeah they did . . . like champions.

Kenneth Richards


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