Defining the problem of the proposed development along Old River Road is easy: It is about longtime residents wanting to maintain the consistency of neighborhood character of the area.

Conditional zoning would provide enhancements rather than fall into a high traffic, highly populated place that overruns the already inadequate infrastructure and affects the wildlife natural to the area. It is not that residents are "afraid of change," it is that they deserve to be heard as other areas of Decatur have been.

The problem is not with the owner developing his land; the issue lies in the proposed zoning that will allow high density, multi-family residential structures that other areas, such as City View Farms, have flatly rejected. So far, no effort at compromise has been made with the citizens.

The proper infrastructure, drainage, lighting and road width should be accomplished along with the construction. The only plan is for all Decatur taxpayers to pay for sewer service to the development.

The new master plan for Decatur calls for involving citizens from all areas, even overlooked areas with underdeveloped infrastructure and bountiful wildlife. This application of zoning will come to your neighborhood soon. Be prepared.

Tracy W. Tubbs

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Jennifer Suggs

So true, if compromises cannot be made and our voices are not heard, our voices will be heard at the next election.

Chuck Johns

The extremely poor thought that goes into these developments is a reflection of Decatur's TRUE character; the city has none. I really don't believe anyone would locate to Decatur when they see what is allowed. Residents are only useful to our politicians for revenue.

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