I read with interest the article describing American Kennel Club concerns about a proposed amendment to Decatur’s animal ordinance.

I always thought the AKC cared about pets, but when I looked at their legislative alerts for 2019 I was shocked to see that they oppose many state bills and local ordinances that have to do with protecting companion animals from suffering.

I fully and wholeheartedly support the efforts of Decatur to improve the lives of dogs with a humane tethering ordinance and identifying cruel conditions for dogs that are kept outside.

Broad? Unclear? I think not. Providing a definition of what the city and its citizens consider to be humane tethering, a proper shelter to protect from weather and a clean living area with clean water for man’s best friends is what reasonable people would want.

As far as the “unclear powers for animal control officers” — their powers have been defined in city ordinance for many years.

I urge the City Council to work out any changes to the proposed ordinance in a timely manner and move it toward a vote in the best interests of dogs and the people who care about their welfare because Decatur has plenty of both.

Barbara Rusk Waldrop


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