The results of a poll printed in your newspaper on April 8, regarding whether the Legislature should ban teaching “concepts” it deems divisive are heartbreaking.

Why would 41.6% of those responding want to rob our children of the beauty of their innocence? Why do we want them exposed to the lies of CRT, transgenderism and other garbage? Why waste valuable resources and time on this nonsense when many of our children are not proficient in the basics of an education?

Welcome to “Woke America.”

The more “woke” America becomes, the more our nation plunges into darkness. “Woke America” is not embarrassed to sow seeds of discord, promote lies as truth, call evil good and enlightening, and good evil and destructive.

We must counter this “wokeness” by exposing the lies, speaking the truth, standing for right and standing against evil. We cannot allow the “woke” crowd to teach our children these lies.

Like it or not, America was founded on Christian principles which have stood the test of time. Those who walk in darkness consider them outdated. Psalms 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” We need to return to the word of God (Bible), practice its teaching and pray for a hurting world which has lost its way.

Prayer will ignite a spiritual awakening in our homes, community, nation and eradicate the darkness. After all, Jesus is the light of the world.

Jenell Tackett


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Carl Cowart

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