While I was driving from Southeast Decatur north on Sixth Avenue/Alabama 31, I was horrified to see a grotesque apparatus installed on the northeast corner of Gordon Drive and Sixth.

I thought that lot was part of Delano Park, and it was a beautiful lot with a huge magnolia tree and several other pretty trees, but it now houses an eyesore. The lot is certainly in a residential neighborhood, and my guess is that it is part of the Historic District of Decatur.

I do not know what this monstrosity is, nor its function, but I cannot imagine how whatever group put it in was allowed to by the city, the Historic Preservation Commission, and the neighborhood.

Great way to beautify Decatur!

Noel H. Shinn


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Interested Reader

I’m not sure what’s more offensive about this letter to the editor...it’s extreme arrogance or blatant ignorance. The facility is an underground pump station installed as part of a sewer rehab project. It will allow the abandonment of a failed section of sewer pipe under 6th Avenue that, if it were replaced where it is, would close 6th Avenue for multiple weeks causing significant traffic disruption. First, this lot is on City property and is not part of Delano Park. Second, no trees were removed or harmed as part of the installation. Third, DU made several concessions from its original design after receiving input from representatives of Delano Park Conservancy. Finally, it’s hard to imagine how this idiotic letter even made into a print edition of this rag newspaper, as the Publisher attended a meeting about this project and was fully informed about its scope.

Pamela Blakely

Yet you obviously read this “rag newspaper”

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