Twice in recent weeks we’ve been warned by articles in The Daily that we’re scaring our children with too much publicity about gun violence and climate change. About the recent speech by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg at the UN on the threat of climate change, one article accused adults of manipulating and using children for political ends.

In 2017, almost 40,000 Americans died from gun-related causes. Yet, there are few restrictions on the types of guns one can own, and on the magazine size of automatic weapons. Mass shootings have increased dramatically. Young people have a reason to be frightened. We need the publicity to get needed regulations.

The same is true for climate change. We could be making our planet uninhabitable for human life — this is not science fiction. Scientists who know have been warning us for more than a half century that we could be at a tipping point. Our children — actually, all of us — have a right to be scared stiff.

We can, and sometimes do, act intelligently. Cars, for example, were involved in more than 56,000 deaths last year. Because of this danger, we heavily regulate automobiles and their use. Try getting a driver’s license, or speeding past a state trooper. We need the publicity and regulations — badly.

Wayne Holliday

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Jai Redmon

Information from NASA and the FBI disproves both assertions.

Jai Redmon

Data from NASA and the FBI refute both of your claims.

William Farley

Thank you Wayne, your comments are very true. We all should be scared and concerned.

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