Shortly after President Donald Trump, Rep. Mo Brooks and others tried to overturn our election by inciting a mob to attack the U.S. Capitol, Republicans in Congress were already telling us it was time to move on.

Well, enough is enough. Americans everywhere are making it known the only way forward is to hold political extremists like Brooks accountable and send a clear signal that such behavior is unacceptable in a democracy.

We all agree that controlling the pandemic and repairing the economy are pressing problems. But we’ve seen where impunity for corrupt politicians has led us: to a dark place where many politicians see little risk in flouting laws and courting the most extreme, violent, anti-democratic forces in the pursuit of their political ends. If we hope to heal and stabilize the country, then we must restore accountability.

There must be consequences for Republicans like Brooks who brought this country to the brink of authoritarianism. Donors must withdraw support. We must treat them as political pariahs. They must be censured, investigated and, if warranted, expelled and prosecuted.

The case for punishing Mo Brooks isn’t about political retribution. It’s about defending a battered democracy and repairing Alabama’s tattered reputation. Let’s face it: Very few politicians are willing to test the limits and risk their careers if doing so is likely to end in impeachment, expulsion, censure or even arrest.

No, this isn’t cancel culture, it’s accountability culture, and it’s long, long overdue.

James and Sandra Hickman

Harvest, Limestone County

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Kathy Clark

It is not a matter of who your information source is. It is a matter of condemning the behavior of Jan. 6th. Writing a "Letter to the Editor" is an acceptable avenue for expressing one's point of view. I happen to agree with the Hickmans, but some of you don't. That doesn't give you the right to cut down those who disagree with you. Kathy Clark

David Lee

Thank you, Kathy Clark. I, also, agree with the Hickman's and appreciate you speaking up for their right to express their opinion. What happened to decency and respect for others rights? Why all the expressions of hate? I wish we could go back about 40 years before we were so divided and angry.

Chuck Johns

First, we live in a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

You sound like transplants from another part of the country, and extremists yourself. "Accountability" to you means that anyone not sharing your view of things should be mercilessly punished to satisfy your lust for suffering. Congressman Brooks is no more an extremist than Hello Kitty. If you wish to prosecute those politicians who have seem to have impunity from the law, look no further than the Potato Head we have in the White House no. He admitted to withholding aid for Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma, the company his meth-head son Hunter had a very high paying "job" with. Quid pro quo much ? If you could use your mind and get information from some source other than CNNBCBSMSNBC , you may learn something and realize that the United States is a lesser country than Myanamar, and that Mo Brooks is a representative of the people of this district, and not a politician.

Steve Slaten

Amen, Chuck! Those who only know what they are spoon-fed by the corrupt media need to wake up.

Chuck Johns


Mark Williams

Like Fox News....?

joseph walker

Mark, I hope you were just as quick to condemn Sen. Chuck from the great state of New York when he threatened two supreme court justices if they didn't vote properly. This was done on the steps of the Supreme Court Building while they were in session. What about Mad Maxine Waters when she told her followers to get in the face and harass republicans. I could go on and on. I seriously doubt you had condemnation for the liberals.

The fact is that America is headed down a bad path when you can't disagree with one's view points without threat of violence. The liberals/leftist/democrats have control of the national media and hold the vast majority of college professorships and push their narrative on the youth of America. The last statement is unassailable as it has been proven by even liberal polls. Disagreement and discussion is what our country was founded on. When you can't speak to someone who differs from your viewpoint compromise is doomed.

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