I would like to thank The Decatur Daily and the reporter who did a wonderful job of reporting about the trash and filth on Wimberly Drive.

Our councilman, Charles Kirby, obviously has no clue what goes on in his district. We had a chance last election to vote him out, but I guess people were too scared — bad mistake.

I really do not care where the people live that own the apartment and pay a management company to take care of their property, whom I might add is doing a very bad job.

There is a landlord who owns properties on McDonald Drive who evicted a tenant about six weeks ago, threw all their belongings, furniture and trash in the field at the end of the street, which he does not own. The same applies to the field on Hemingway Drive. People use it as a dumping ground.

I have lived in Decatur for nearly 20 years, and it has gone from bad to worse. If people would do the job they are paid to do and stop making excuses, maybe we would have a chance, but right now Decatur the beautiful is a joke.

Jane Laughmiller


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Frank Janecek

It is us the citizens that can make our City Decatur a sparkling jewel. I live in the county and am ashamed at how people continue to throw trash, fast food bags, cups, beer cans, etc on the roadside. I have lived around the world and it is shameful how people treat our great county and city. We are not a trash dump where you can just throw trash out the window. People should use trash cans, they are not that hard to find either at home or when in town. Let us all make this a cleaner place to live.

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