Decatur's mayor and City Council are confronted with two public safety issues requiring political courage from our elected leaders. These are preventing fatal accidents on Point Mallard Parkway and preventing future shootings at Point Mallard Park.

It seems like our city leaders are trying to address the issue of potential shootings at Point Mallard Park, but feel impeded by state law. They want our legislators to help by making adjustments to state law. I applaud the mayor and council for proactively attempting to address the problem. Our legislators (Arthur Orr, Terri Collins and Parker Moore) seem a little reluctant to get involved and have implied that the city can do more in terms of working with the Attorney General's Office and reaching out to the legislators themselves.

I wonder if our legislators really want to support our city leaders in this effort because introducing legislation that allows the city to better control guns at Point Mallard Park is likely to be controversial? Avoidance of the issue is particularly clear in the case of Parker Moore.

Mr. Moore is a newly elected representative and constituents are watching how he demonstrates leadership. Dismissing the recent shooting at Point Mallard Park as an anomaly because it is the first in the history of the park, is a maneuver to avoid a controversial political issue at the expense of public safety.

Large crowds gather at Point Mallard and gunfire could injure innocent bystanders. Minimizing threats to public safety is Moore's ploy to avoid taking a political stand, but it is not an example of leadership.

On the other public safety issue, fatal accidents on Point Mallard Parkway, our mayor and City Council still seem to be avoiding the controversial issue of lowering that speed limit. ALDOT and our police chief chief have said lowering the speed limit is the main thing we can do to reduce fatal accidents, yet our city government is focused on speed signs and concrete barriers.

Cynthia Jones

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