I am amazed by our department heads that are not interested in living in Decatur.

Personally, my wife and I have moved here from other states, including Colorado, and we have decided we would rather live in Decatur than anywhere else. This is a beautiful area, many sports activities, highly educated, and almost without exception everyone is genuinely friendly to everyone.

These department heads seem to have an attitude of “I’ll talk nice because I like the pay scale; I’ll take your money; but you expect me to live here, where I’m to a degree in charge? No thank you.”

I suggest we enforce the live-in-Decatur rule, and perhaps give current successful applicants a 90-day limit to move into Decatur, and future applicants a requirement to move into Decatur within 90 days, or contract is terminated.

I can to a degree understand the Priceville/Decatur confusion; the city limits out here are crazy.

In any event, if you are going to have responsibility, you need to live here.

Mark Brown


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Judy Robbins

I agree with Mr. Brown wholeheartedly. I, too, moved to Decatur, by choice, after spending a lifetime in another city. The extra expense of gas and wear-and-tear on the city-owned vehicles driving to a home in another town is unnecessary, not to mention the added and unnecessary liability exposure.

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