There was a story in the paper Sunday titled "Ex-Morgan sheriff settles lawsuit." I was interviewed by the article's reporter on Friday by cellphone and answered all questions he had of me at the time relative to the lawsuit and the settlement.

Also interviewed and quoted in the article was the attorney representing former Sheriff Ana Franklin in the matter, Bill Gray. It was reported Mr. Gray made the statement "a court order prevented him from speaking about the mediation preceding the settlement or about the settlement. He said the same order also prevented Anderson from discussing it."

I was not given an opportunity to respond to that accusation prior to the publication of that comment by Mr. Gray. Therefore, I felt the need to write this letter to set the record straight. I was never under a court order which prevented me from discussing this case and am not under one now. I contacted Mr. Gray on the day the article was published and asked him to tell me to which order he was referring and to please provide me with a copy of it. To date, I've not been provided any such order.

Apparently, there is a court order that restricts other mediating parties in the numerous lawsuits involving former Sheriff Franklin and Mr. Gray from making public comments. 

There was never any such order entered in my case involving former Sheriff Franklin. My case involved public funds, and I would have never entered any agreement which prevented me from discussing the public's business with the public.

It is my job as district attorney of Morgan County to uphold and enforce the laws of Alabama and, in some instances, to see that court orders are followed and enforced. I have been practicing law in Morgan County for 28 years and almost nine of those years as district attorney. I have never willingly or intentionally violated an order of the court. ... Even though I am a public official and the public has the right to publicly agree or disagree with how I conduct their business, I took Mr. Gray's statement personally and felt it important to set the record straight.

Scott Anderson

Morgan County district attorney
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