Dr. Daniel Jacobson, lead scientist for biology computational systems at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has developed a model using symptomatic and scientific data on COVID-19. The evidence indicates the virus seeds itself through the ACE2 receptors in the nose where it blossoms and moves to affect the ACE2 cells in the intestines, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood and other areas of the body.

This explains how the virus is able to flourish and migrate, causing great damage as well as some of the more bizarre symptoms such as loss of taste and smell, red toes, etc.

We must protect these receptors which are found heavily concentrated in the nose from infection to stay healthy. A mask worn below the nose channels the virus directly to the area where it is most likely to flourish.

I would encourage everyone to not only wear a mask but to do so correctly. If you are not worried for yourself, do it for others, family and friends.

Mark Griffin


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