As a Morgan County resident and frequent visitor to the city of Decatur, I am troubled by Mayor Tab Bowling's position on the local police department enforcing immigration laws.

The mayor's position would endanger our patrolmen and women, weaken their ability to conduct investigations, and weaken their ability to protect the city and its citizens. Chief Nate Allen has taken the proper position, and this mayor should resign, and in lieu of that, be promptly voted out of office.

If I were a resident of this fine city, I would run against him myself. Decatur deserves better. Kudos to Chief Allen, and his courageous stance.

Armando de Quesada

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Carl Cowart

I absolutely agree. Mayor Bowling has no experience in law endorsement, and for that matter, in operating the city. This is just another example of bias against Mexican people. I further agree, the Mayor needs to resign. Decatur is stagnant.

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