Recently an opinion was expressed stating "it is the saddest thing in the world to see women marching together and supporting the right to kill their children."

Having been on this planet a great number of years, I know a valid statement when I read one. No matter how a child is conceived — by incest, rape, carelessness or planned — only God can create a life and only God should have a right to take a life.

If you can't or won't take care of a life conceived or just don't want to, there are many loving couples, parents, who would love to and will. FACES, a Morgan County child care organization, helps many foster and adoptive couples with children in some way disadvantaged. These loving couples receive child care training through the Department of Human Resources and are waiting to give love and care to the children you may not want.

Let these loving, trained couples care and love your unwanted child. Do not kill them.

James MacIlveen

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Frank Janecek

This post reminds me of the movie Unplanned. A great documentary on the business of abortion. All unwanted children could be put up for adoption. We have people going to Russia or the Ukraine to adopt a child when they should be able to adopt right here in the USA. If the laws make that hard we should change the law to make it easy to adopt children born here in the USA. No life should be taken for convenience, especially the unborn.

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