The people that put down President Donald Trump do not respect the president, and they disrespect the office.

Have you noticed how people's workplaces were shut down when former President Barack Obama was in office? The workplaces are booming under Trump. 

Trump is the best president in a long time. The last best president was John F. Kennedy.

The Democrats are not for the working, common people. Quit uplifting evil. The liberals are not Christlike. They are more devil-like.

Earl Randall Hill

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William Mathews

Keep America Great!

jack winton

Dude,you need a intervention.What you said is a big lie.

Sam Cat

Trump is growing the economy and the Democrats cannot stand it. Democrats will never be happy unless they are in power with their chosen leaders. When they are in power they can do good things like Barak Obama giving the Iranians millions of dollars in ransom money, Eric Holder selling weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartel, Hillary Clinton leaving our own for dead in Bengazi and keeping a classified email server in her home . . . you know, good, clean, wholesome acts of patriotism which benefits our country as a whole.

Tom McCutcheon

I don’t know if Trump is the best President since JFK, but he’s certainly the best President since George W Bush.

J. T.

I don't know where to start with what's wrong with this letter. So I'll just say that this country is so split, so deluded among some members that I fear for the future.

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