Libertarianism is the consolation prize for working folks. Voters instinctively know that a right-wing government does favors for billionaires, religious professionals and white supremacists while leaving the rest of us in the lurch.

However, laws are loosened concerning face masks during a pandemic. The national debt is reaching South American proportions, and California is on fire. But we are free to smoke tobacco, take drugs and eat horrible food.

For the first time in a century, it's unsafe for a Jew to walk down a sidewalk in Manhattan. But we're free to text while driving.

One puzzle piece does not fit. The Department of the Treasury is too cheap or too lazy to mint coins, so the public is to be blamed for the coin shortage. We must pay with exact change only. We should feel guilty for accumulating quarters to go to the laundromat or put air in a tire.

So much for personal freedom. Voters should demand change.

Ryan Amptmeyer


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