The One Decatur plan and the (Clarion Associates) zoning assessment were inspired and written by consultants hired by the city, and they make drastic changes to the zoning laws of Decatur.

My house, assigned as Rural Residential Agriculture, will be rezoned High Density Residential and is not in the city but in the police jurisdiction. I had no idea that the growth of the city, and welfare of elected officials, would be paramount to the citizens of Decatur.

If the new zoning laws are adopted next spring, no residential area in the city will be solely single family homes unless you have a “Residential Single Family Estate 10” and those can have Mixed neighborhoods with apartments, patio homes, and town homes across the street. Infrastructure updates to handle the traffic might come in five to 10 years. Spring Avenue widening was first proposed 24 years ago!

I urge you to read the One Decatur plan and the zoning assessment and attend meetings of the City Council to keep up with changes. I have lived here 70 years, my parents and grandparents lived here. A church is its members. Sadly, I fail to see that the city is its citizens right now.

Lile Blythe

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Chuck Johns

Lile is 100% correct ! The city of decatur (caps omitted intentionally) is ONLY concerned with revenue they can take and waste. I HOPE anyone looking to relocate to North Alabama passes decatur by as a place that doesn't care about residents.

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