President Donald Trump’s narcissism and desire to divide us has given a certain American demographic a false feeling that they and only they have the right to have their way in our USA, without concern for human life.

This demographic believes that they have the right to ignore what’s best for all Americans. They're uncomfortable wearing a face mask that, for now, is the main defense available to assist us in fighting a killer, COVID-19.

These so called Trump Republicans are so vain that wearing a face mask to protect both them and their fellow Americans is, in their minds, below their social standing. Since they suck up every lie that Trump tells, these folks have convinced themselves that the deaths and hospitalizations that are reported daily are simply “fake news.”

Tonight as I watched their fake news, I realized that we are in fact fighting a civil war. On one side, people care about themselves and others and show it by simply wearing a face mask. On the other side are those who it is just too much to ask for them to wear a mask. It's life or death, folks ... for your fellow American.

I ask you, is this how our story ends?

Bill Webb


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(4) comments

Steve Disgusted

Your right Gary. They are brainwashed by the attacks on the BEST president we have had in many years.

jack winton

So true Mr Webb.Trumpkins believe all 16,000+lies...

Tom McCutcheon

Democrats lied about Trump in collusion with the Russians to win the election. They’ve told that lie 16,000 plus times.

Gary Jenkins

We have a great president, but half the people in the country are brainwashed loons spreading lies and hate.

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