To The Daily: As an avid competition shooter and hunter, I find the proposal to ban AR-15/223-556 ammo to be absurd. I find this to be solely political in nature. The only reason I see this is being done is to eventually take all Second Amendment rights in the future. Let's face it: no ammo, no guns. This also forces law-abiding gun owners to incur exorbitant prices for ammo in the future if import ammo is banned. It also opens the doors for price gouging in the market, which this administration seems to find an acceptable alternative. The little guy gets shafted again.

The administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms say the ban protects law enforcement because the bullets may pierce armor. That concern is a smokescreen because many other calibers also can pierce armor. This is just the beginning of the BATF trying to kill the rights of all citizens who legally own these particular firearms. I ask one simple question: When is enough, enough? It is time for people to start putting a stop to this nonsense and tell Washington to defend our civil rights.

Leo Grissman

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Bubba Smith

Don't you just love how gun lovers don't know diddly bout guns.. green tip ammo silly person. Only because they don't meet sporting rules.

Administration has nothing to do with this

Bubba says Boom

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