The top two executives in the nation mostly refuse to wear face masks in public, modeling the opposite of the behavior that the overwhelming majority of health care practitioners strongly urge.

If “real men don’t wear masks," then the firefighters who wear respirators aren’t “real men."

If “real men don’t wear masks," then the Navy SEALs who conduct underwater operations aren’t “real men” because of their scuba masks.

If “real men don’t wear masks," then the surgeons who repair our damaged bodies aren’t “real men” because of their surgical masks.

I submit that those people are manfully accepting their duty and doing it properly. Real men and women take reasonable precautions against danger, then go in harm’s way because they accepted those jobs that require them to go where most of us won’t.

David Williams


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Chuck Johns

Your analogies are woefully flawed in that they involve REAL risks. Medical "professionals" are going to support whatever narrative nets them the most federal dollars. Real men do not hide from the monster in the closet. I submit that you would not know what a real man is.

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