Donald Trump is now complaining about a coup. He may be right, but it is his coup to become emperor by ignoring Congress, the courts, and the majority of the American people to impose his delusions on the world.

The Constitution of the United States gives Congress the authority to decide how the government spends money, yet Trump is taking funds from congressionally approved projects to improve defense readiness to fund a border “wall” that won’t work.

He is not defending the Affordable Care Act against state lawsuits, despite increasing evidence that it is improving health care in the country. He pulled us out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which had been ratified by the Senate 93-5.

He has cozied up to dictators while snubbing our allies. He repeatedly disparages NATO, a treaty ratified by the Senate 82-13, not realizing that NATO is America’s first line of defense against a Russian attack across the Atlantic. He has given Kim Jong Un the prestige of meetings with a U.S. president, something neither Kim’s father nor grandfather received.

David Williams

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(6) comments

Jo Shaffer


Sam Cat

Obama was no different . . libs just don't want to admit it.

jack winton


Cindy Reid

I bet you see little green men flying around Elkmont too. How about learning the facts before you write letters? It may make you sound more intelligent.



jack winton

Every thing he wrote is fact.You may need tp stay off faux news for a few days.

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