The daughter of a military father, Jane Davis has lived in a variety of places including Europe.

Since 1992, she has considered Alabama home.

“This is the longest I've ever lived anywhere my whole life,” Davis said.

Davis retired from teaching eight years ago. Her teaching career in Alabama has included time at Athens High, Holy Spirit in Huntsville and Calhoun Community College.

“John (Davis' husband) worked for the government,” she said.

Davis said the state has a lot to offer to people regardless of where they're from.

“People will come from around the world to come here to learn about things we have available,” Davis said. “Like our biotechnology, our space program, our work with human rights. We have things to share.”

In her retirement Davis has helped inform others about Alabama through her work with Global Ties Alabama.

According to its website, Global Ties Alabama, created in 1965 in Huntsville as the International Services Council of Alabama, has served international military trainees at Redstone Arsenal, coordinated multicultural events, provided information about immigration and naturalization services, and hosted international visitors.

“It helps me tell everybody about Alabama,” Davis said. “People come here with one idea of Alabama. It's wonderful that people are coming here to Alabama to study things because it's really helping to put a positive spin on what people think of Alabama.

"They come here thinking, 'Oh my goodness. It's going to be like all those horrible old movies and things they've seen.' We say, 'No it's not,' or we at least say we're working on it."

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