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When spring arrives, it’s almost time to think about how those brown patches of grass can morph into a lush, green lawn. Superior Lawn Care is all about preparing for spring and that beautiful appearance we have waited for all winter. They understand weed control and fertilization while creating a perfect environment towards a beautiful landscape.

Heath Legg, owner of Superior Lawn Care, has the knowledge in combining an environmental and organic approach toward creating the best soil to fit your needs. “It’s important to understand the biology of plant and what it needs to survive. In this case, we’re talking about different types of turf. Our program is tailored around the overall health of the turf, beginning with the condition of the soil. In other words, you must have a favorable environment for grass to survive while eliminating weeds,” explains Legg.

Some recommendations Legg gives for a healthy turf are:

  • Cut lawns at the proper height according to your specific turf type
  • Always water established grass heavy and infrequently
  • The first mowing usually begins in mid-March. Bag and remove, “Scalp” the dormant turf, and as the lawn turns green, core aerate and fertilize to promote growth. Once the lawn is green, always mulch when mowing. You are on your way to a healthy lawn!
  • Superior combines organic applications with conventional methods, bringing life to the soil and reducing products that can have a damaging effect on the soil.

“It is best to have a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach” says Legg. “It’s more beneficial to prevent weeds from coming up, rather than battle them after they start growing. When mowing, it’s best to mulch clippings rather than bag them, as mulching leaves behind vital nutrients.” ( “In addition to a weed control and fertilization program, the mulch helps create healthy green grass”

Superior Lawn Care provides a 9 application program that includes organic applications, weed control and fertilization, and lawn core aeration to its customers, in which a machine removes plugs of soil and thatch creating a channel so that oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate into the soil much easier. It is all about proactive and preventative maintenance in early spring in order to prevent weeds and achieve a beautiful lawn instead of waiting until the lawn is already growing. Amazingly, there is a huge amount of activity going on in the soil beneath the surface and most of the work in the spring season is what produces a stunning lawn that is healthier, thicker, and greener with less weeds.

Different turf types require different treatments equaling the right recipe for your particular lawn. This is where Superior Lawn Care has the expertise in helping you quickly achieve your lawns fullest potential. A 12-month program is available and perfectly tailored to the type of turf you have. Legg says that you will enjoy the experience of learning how a beautiful lawn begins and bringing it up to its fullest potential.

If you are looking for services, Superior offers so much more than lawn service. There are several different divisions within the company and thousands of North Alabama residents who use and enjoy the multiple services that they offer. Each division within the company is supported by certified specialist and they provide a number of outdoor services including lawn care, mosquito control (, pest control, fire ant control (, landscaping, irrigation (, hardscapes, water features, and swimming pool maintenance. For a complete list of services and a free estimate, visit their website at

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