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The process of buying a new car can be daunting to say the least. Dealing with pushy, overbearing salesmen has you wonder if the “right deal” is really the right choice or even a deal at all. Knowing who to trust and who not to, or being cautious of hidden pitfalls that can cause havoc later can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the Huntsville area does have a proven source to make buying a car not only a pleasurable experience, but one you can trust.

Frank Williams, the General Manager and Managing Partner of Landers McLarty Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, Subaru, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo in Huntsville, has managed the #1 Dodge Chrysler Jeep Store for nine years running. His Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram store was awarded the 2009 “Dealership of the Year” award from RLJ, and was also awarded the 2011 Century Leader Award. Williams’ Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram dealership is ranked in the Top Ten dealerships in the country.

Williams says that car buying doesn’t have to be frustrating if you remember to follow some helpful tips. “It’s important to always check with more than one dealer,” Williams said. “You want to not only compare costs, but the quality of service because good service will serve you well long after you have made that purchase.”

Some other tips Williams recommends following are:

• Always have your salesperson send you a quote via email so you can have a firm price before you walk onto the lot.

• Always check Kelley Blue Book if you are trading in.

• Always shop your own interest rate before coming into a dealership.

• Use tax time to your advantage: Dealers will pay the most for trade ins during the month of January so they can stock up their inventory for tax time.

• Your car is always worth more earlier in the year than later in the year.

• Make sure you speak to a manager before agreeing to any price to ensure you got the best deal possible.

If you decide to trust the proven track record and longtime history of quality customer service at Frank Williams Dealerships, Williams says you can expect to find the largest inventory in the state of Alabama, honesty, outstanding customer service, great deals and a service department that is one of the best in North Alabama.

“We have invested over $4 million into our service department at Dodge Chrysler Jeep to ensure that your post buying experience is just as pleasant as your buying experience,” Williams explained. “We put a lot of stock into ensuring our customers are taken care of long after the purchase.”

Customers agree and have spoken through their reviews. “Our customer service scores are 100,” Williams said.

When it comes to trust, you can expect the best as well.

“We are transparent on all of our incentives, deals and pricing,” Williams said. “If we offer discounts they are applied to every vehicle of that model lineup, not just a select view. For example this month we are offering $10,000 OFF ALL RAM CREW CABS, so you pick which truck works for you and you get the discount. The discounts are also not contingent on credit scores or financing. The deal advertised is what everyone gets.”

Maintaining this high level of trust also means having the best staff on hand through the entire Frank Williams dealership locations to help make the car buying decision and post purchase experience be the absolute best in the state.

“We promote from within and our employee retention is outstanding,” Williams said. “All of our employees have profiles on our website with contact information so you never have to walk onto our lots and be uncertain of who you are speaking to.”

To make this experience even better, the Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership is about to start construction on a new showroom which will include a brand new customer lounge and space for six vehicles inside for more shopping convenience, especially during times of inclement weather.

Looking for a used vehicle? All of the used cars at Frank Williams/Landers McLarty DCJ and Subaru are local trades, they do not import their used inventory. “We want to make sure that our community receives the best price for their trade in, and feels comfortable in knowing that the used car they are purchasing is local and most of them have been serviced by us so we know the cars,” Williams added. “We will also take anything on trade.”

If you are out and about looking for the best deal with the best service and car buying experience, Frank Williams says it is not as frustrating as many people think. If you follow those helpful tips and allow a Frank Williams dealership to show you why they are the best, your experience will be cause to celebrate. For more information about Frank Williams dealerships and Landers McLarty, go to

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