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Senior Colt Hunter starts at left guard and is Ardmore's Student Government Association president. [DAN BUSEY/DECATUR DAILY]

ARDMORE — Ardmore’s Colt Hunter is truly a man of the people.

The 5-foot-10, 310-pound senior plays one of the most unselfish positions in football in offensive guard. He also ran and won a campaign to be Ardmore’s Student Government Association president after serving as a senator.

Whether he’s creating a hole for a running back or making sure Ardmore’s student body is treated fairly, he just wants to serve his fellow students.

“He’s the first SGA president we’ve had on the team,” Ardmore coach PJ Wright said. “You get so many emails about football players not doing what they’re supposed to in class. It’s amazing to have a guy that’s such a figure in this school who also wants to play football.”

Hunter’s SGA campaign began last school year when he had to buy posters from Dollar General to hang up around the school. His campaign slogan was “Your voice. Your vote.”

He admitted that he didn’t believe his slogans or his posters were going to win him the election. The speech was going to be the most important thing.

“I practiced a ton of times before,” Hunter said. “I worked on it for like a month, had three or four people help me read through it. It was nerve-wracking but a lot of fun.”

Hunter became the face of the student body at Ardmore when he won the election thanks to that speech. On the football field, he’s less the face of the football team and more of a cog in the overall machine that is the Tigers, who went 4-6 last season.

That’s a usual descriptor for an offensive lineman. It’s not an unfamiliar role for Hunter, either. Before becoming president, Hunter served as an SGA senator. He worked with others to write a constitution for SGA and get assigned parking spots for the student body.

“I’m not scared to get to work,” Hunter said. “When you have to get stuff done, you just have to do what you have to do.”

Hunter wants to accomplish similar goals as president. He’ll have to work closely with others to make sure that happens.

That translates to the football field, too. An offensive line has to work as a cohesive unit, and chemistry can be everything. The ability to work with your teammates goes a long way at that position.

“Offensive linemen are so unselfish, and he’s the embodiment of that,” Wright said. “He even takes an active part in his school and just wants to give back. It’s the same with this football team.”

One of Ardmore's strongest units is its offensive line. Ardmore lost a lot at the skill positions, including its starting running back and quarterback.

Hunter is one of three returning starters from last year’s team on the line. Senior Ethan Mullins and sophomore Kaden Newton are the others.

“Without the offensive line, running backs can’t do anything,” Hunter said. “We’ll have some really good skill players this year. They’ll need the offensive line to go anywhere.”

Hunter will have to balance his duties as president and offensive lineman all season. He already has experience with having a lot on his plate. Aside from SGA and football, he’s also a member of Future Farmers of America and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

He plans to go to Auburn University to major in poultry science. First, he’ll play his final season at left guard and serve the student body as president while balancing school.

“Everybody tells me that playing football and doing SGA is something I’ll never forget,” Hunter said. “All of the time I put in with football and meeting people with SGA is going to help me. You have to work with people constantly when you get into the job field.”

—matthew.speakman@decaturdaily.com or 256-340-2460. Twitter @DD_MSpeakman.

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