Brook Childers is a junior for the 10-2 Patriots.

When you grow up in Union Hill, basketball is just a way of life.

It is for Brook Childers. She has played the sport for 10 years. The junior is one of the starters for the Brewer High Patriots (10-2).

Last year, Childers was a role player on a team that made its fourth straight trip to the Class 5A Final Four. This year she’s a starter. She’s one of the outside scoring threats for Ricky Allen’s team.

“Brook is one of our most consistent players,” Allen said. “She’s averaging around 13 points a game. She’s like everybody else on the team. It’s early in the season and she’s looking for her game.”

Childers said she loves basketball because every game offers a different challenge.

“I like challenges,” Childers said.

“Each basketball game you have to face different challenges to be able to win. When you do that, the game is a lot of fun.”

Childers lives on Burden-Childers Farms in Union Hill. It’s a dairy farm started by her great-grandfather in 1947 after he returned from World War II. Her father, Jim, now runs the place.

Childers answered five questions for Decatur Daily sports writer David Elwell.

Question: How big is the dairy farm?

Answer: I’m not sure how many acres. We have 600 cows that have to be milked twice a day.

Q: Do you help milk the cows?

A: No, we have help that takes care of the milking. But I can milk a cow.

Q: Is having 600 cows like having 600 pets?

A: No, they are just cows.

Q: Do you have any specific jobs on the dairy farm?

A: My brother (Michael) and I help out doing whatever we need to do. Between school work and basketball, there’s not a lot of time to help. I like to help my dad doctoring the animals. That’s interesting.

Q: Is there anything you have learned from being around the dairy farm that helps you with basketball?

A: I’ve learned that you have to be able to adjust when things don’t go like you expect them to go. You really have to learn to go with the flow.

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