PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Tommy Murr, Lindsay Lane

COACH OF THE YEAR: Justin Henley, West Morgan

First team

River Helms, West Limestone, Jr.: Helms led West Limestone to the Northwest Regional final by nearly averaging a double-double at 16 points and 9.1 rebounds per game.

JJ Jones, Tanner, Sr.: Jones was dominant on both ends. He scored 17.7 points and had 14.3 rebounds. He also blocked 104 shots at four per game and was a second-team All-State selection in Class 2A.

KJ Melson, Danville, Jr.: Melson led the Hawks in scoring by averaging 19.8 points per game. He shot 44 percent from 3-point range and landed on the Class 4A All-State team as an honorable mention.

Tommy Murr, Lindsay Lane, Sr.: Murr broke the all-time scoring record by averaging 44.3 points per game. He scored a state-record 1,506 points total this season and was a first-team All-State selection.

GianCarlo Valdez, Decatur Heritage, Sr.: Valdez finished off his career with an impressive season where he scored 21.3 points to go along with 6.9 rebounds per game. He was a first-team All-State selection.

Second team

Malik Atkins, Tanner, Sr.: Atkins, a third-team All-State selection in Class 2A, averaged 14.6 points per game and 9.1 rebounds.

Wren Cole, Danville, Sr.: Cole capped off his career with Danville by averaging 17.9 points per game and 5.3 rebounds.

Carson Muse, West Morgan, Fr.: Muse took another step forward during his freshman season, scoring 14.4 points to go along with 9.4 rebounds per game.

Ashton Owens, West Morgan, Sr.: Owens had another impressive season by scoring 17 points to go along with five rebounds per game. He helped lead the Rebels back to the Northwest Regional.

Kacen Pierce, Athens Bible, Jr.: Pierce averaged a double-double of 16.5 points and 11.5 rebounds per game.

Honorable Mention

Clements: Dylan Patrick, So.

Danville: Kohl Randolph, So.

Decatur Heritage: Jordan Burks, So.; Brayden Kyle, So.; Jackson Kyle, Sr.; Clay Smith, Jr.

East Lawrence: Payton Kelly, So.; Payton Davenport, Jr.

Elkmont: Layton Smith, Jr.

Hatton: Ridge Harrison, Jr.

Lindsay Lane: Charlie Morrison, Sr.

Priceville: Seth Hood, Sr.; Chris Thomas, So.

R.A. Hubbard: Montoya Kellogg, Sr.; Tyrus Johnson, Jr.; Keyondric Cobb, So.

Tanner: DaShaun McNabb, Sr.

West Limestone: Camryn Williams, Jr.

West Morgan: Jakobe Fletcher, Sr.; Jakobe Griffith, Sr.

Class 1A-4A Boys Player of the Year

2020: Tommy Murr, Lindsay Lane

2019: Noah Boler, Decatur Heritage

2018: Noah Boler, Decatur Heritage

2017: CJ Yarbrough, Tanner

2016: Keandre Swopes, West Morgan

2015: Hunter Morgan, West Limestone

2014: Jonathon Fletcher, Tanner

2013: Brandon Roberts, West Morgan

2012: Matthew Hines, Tanner

2011: Matthew Hines, Tanner

2010: Mykmyk Ingram, R.A. Hubbard

2009: Latraius Mosley, Tanner

2008: Zane Campbell, West Limestone

2007: Rod Byrd, Tanner

2006: Josh Bedwell, Priceville

2005: Jesse Rutherford, Hatton

2004: Ryan Harrison, Hatton

2003: Julius Lucas, Tanner

2002: Jerrell Vinson, Decatur Heritage

2001: Reprobatus Bibbs, Courtland

2000: Reprobatus Bibbs, Courtland

1999: Josh Bryant, Hatton

1998: Reynaldo Robinson, Tanner

1997: Travis Hines, Tanner

1996: Jamie Cain, Clements

1995: Adrian Taylor, Speake

1994: Andy Haggenmaker, E. Limestone

1993: Chad Steadman, Hatton

1992: Mark Brown, Danville

1991: Mark Brown, Danville

1990: Dewayne Uselton, E. Limestone

1989: Anthony Kingston, Tanner

1988: Anthony Kingston, Tanner

1987: Darin Liles, Hazlewood

1986: Greg Yarbrough, Tanner

1985: Buck Williams, Clements

1984: Roy Fletcher, East Limestone

1983: Roy Fletcher, East Limestone

1982: Kenneth Owens, East Lawrence

1981: Donald Reedus, Courtland

1980: Terry Williams, Elkmont

1979: Freddie Benford, East Limestone

1978: Tim Thomas, West Morgan

Class 1A-4A Boys Coach of the Year

2020: Justin Henley, West Morgan

2019: Jason Marshall, Decatur Heritage

2018: Chris Whitt, Tanner

2017: Jason Marshall, Decatur Heritage

2016: Chris Whitt, Tanner

2015: Justin Taylor, West Limestone

2014: Chris Whitt, Tanner

2013: Chris Whitt, Tanner

2012: Garth Garris, Elkmont

2011: Chris Whitt, Tanner

2010: Darin Liles, R.A. Hubbard

2009: Ricky Bowling, West Morgan

2008: Chris Whitt, Tanner

2007: Chris Whitt, Tanner

2006: Darrell Haynes, Priceville

2005: Robert Pope, Danville

2004: Melcha Satchel, Courtland

2003: Tommy Kyle, Decatur Heritage

2002: Aaron Goode, Hazlewood

2001: Tommy Kyle, Decatur Heritage

2000: Melcha Satchel, Courtland

1999: Mike Sanderson, Ardmore

1998: Thomas Jones, Courtland

1997: Chris Whitt, Tanner

1996: Darryl Adams, Clements

1995: Harold Pirtle, Speake

1994: Jack Steele, Hazlewood

1993: Garth Garris, East Limestone

1992: Wayne Bowling, Danville

1991: Jack Steele, Hazlewood

1990: Jimmy Drake, East Limestone

1989: Gary Steadman, Courtland

1988: Jimmy Drake, East Limestone

1987: Jeff Prince, West Limestone

1986: Billy Owens, Tanner, and Jack Steele, Hazlewood

1985: Jimmy Drake, East Limestone

1984: Jimmy Drake, East Limestone

1983: Jimmy Drake, East Limestone

1982: Stan Carr, East Lawrence

1981: Gary Steadman, Courtland

1980: Royal Carpenter, Hatton

1979: Jimmy Drake, East Limestone

1978: Jimmy Drake, East Limestone

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