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Decatur Heritage's Jaime Corry is one of two seniors for the Eagles. Video at decaturdaily.com. [JERONIMO NISA/DECATUR DAILY]

The Decatur Heritage girls basketball currently has both a winning record overall and a winning record in area play with just one month left in the regular season. That’s largely thanks to its two seniors.

Guard Katie Jones and forward Jaime Corry have been key members of the team for most of their careers. Corry started playing when she was in seventh grade after coach Paula Armstrong convinced her to try basketball. A year later, Armstrong, who is also the school’s volleyball coach, got Corry to also play volleyball.

Last year, Corry helped Decatur Heritage be the runner-up at the area tournament before beating Marion County in the sub-regional round to reach the Northwest Regional at Wallace State. The Eagles ultimately lost to eventual state champion Phillips in the Northwest Regional semifinal.

Corry should play an important role for the Eagles as they look to get back to Wallace State for the Northwest Regional. She sat down with Decatur Daily sports writer Matthew Speakman to answer five questions:

Question: What have you thought about the way you guys have played so far?

Answer: “I think we’ve played pretty well. You know, everyone has their ups and downs as a team. What’s important is that we stay level when we need to stay level. I think we’re starting to peak at the right moment.”

Question: What are your plans for after high school?

Answer: “I want to go to Calhoun and work my way through there. I’m looking to enroll in the welding program. That’s just my goal right now.”

Question: What has you interested in welding?

Answer: “Two things. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a welder, but he recently had a pacemaker put in, so he can no longer weld. He’s part of that reason. I watched him do it. My grandfather on my dad’s side was an avid welder as well. He recently passed away, so I’ve been trying to do it.”

Question: What other hobbies do you have?

Answer: “I paint. I recently finished a portrait for one of my teammates, and I gave that to her. I just paint everything. My mother and my father are both painters. My dad is a ceramicist right now, and my mother does watercolors. We’ve always been an artistic family.”

Question: What’s the best trip or vacation you’ve ever been on?

Answer: “The best vacation for me was going on the beach trip with the volleyball team this year. We went to the beach, and we had tournaments. We were there for about a week. It was a lot of great bonding experience with my younger teammates. I got to be around everybody a lot. It was really great.”

—matthew.speakman@decaturdaily.com or 256-340-2460. Twitter @DD_MSpeakman.

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